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Frequently Asked Questions

We are 24/7 Customer Support team available at 

We charge a small listing fee depending on your asset, we do this for a few reasons including ensuring that only legitimate businesses do list on the platform.

We are 24/7 Customer Support team available at 

Flips Auction is a marketplace. As a platform, you can connect with buyers, negotiate a fair and reasonable price for your business, then accept an offer, or exchange information and finally, safely receive the funds to your wallet or PayPal account. 

It’s important you are ready to sell. You should be prepared with current and accurate financials including a verifiable P&L and evidence of revenue. This will significantly increase the credibility of your listing and encourage buyers for asking questions. 

Valuations are dependent on a number of variables. We recommend that you contact us here

Yes but only where you successfully sell your business, we charge a success fee of 10% where you manage the sale yourself (with the help of an Account Manager of course).